The Brooklyn Rail

I have been serving on the board of The Brooklyn Rail since 2018. This “living organism,” as it is defined by its publisher and artistic director, Phong Bui, is a publication and platform for the arts, culture, humanities, and politics. Against all odds, for over twenty years, the Rail has been publishing and distributing a free newspaper dense with interviews with artists, critics, and curators, in addition to critical essays, fiction, poetry, and reviews of art, music, dance, film, books, and theater.

Beyond doing what I can to take care of this living organism, I’ve been working with Jeremy Zilar to update its online presence, and did a full redesign of the newspaper in 2019, bringing in a new structure where each month, there is a guest designer for the Critics Pages section of each issue. Beyond this ongoing transformation, I contribute design and expertise to special projects, such as the Rail’s engagement in Venice and its ongoing series on the intersection of art, science, and environment, the River Rail. The inaugural issue of the River Rail was followed by River Rail: Occupy Colby and River Rail: Puerto Rico. I also serve on the Development committee.
        Redesign of The Brooklyn Rail, February 2019

Redesign of the brooklynrail.org article page, 2018

Pylon at Chiesa di Santa maria delle Penitenti, Venice, Italy, 2019

Inaugural Issue of The River Rail
The River Rail: Occupy Colby