Parsons: Interaction

As program director in 2011–14, I brought Core: Interaction into the program and cemented its location in the sequence. Previously, students were required to take an interaction class that was administered outside of Communication Design. Students now take Core 1: Interaction in the Fall semester of their sophomore year, and Core 2: Interaction Studio and Lab in the Spring.

I taught a version of Core 2: Interaction Studio in Spring 2019 in person, and then taught the class again in Spring 2021 online. I worked with fellow full-time faculty Lynn Kiang as well as a spectacular group of faculty teaching Studio and Lab to bring the curriculum online and share resources among the group, creating a roadmap followed by all the sections. Both lab and studio faculty contributed videos that all students shared, and for the first time, we all gave the same assignments across all eight paired sections. 

Collaborator, Spring 2019: Dustin Tong; Collaborators, Spring 2021: Justin Bakse, Mark Beasley, Simone Cutri, Dylan Fisher, Nika Simovich Fisher, Lynn Kiang, Dana Kim, Dan Leatherman, Jackie Liu, Emma Bruml Norton, Annaka Olsen, Sasha Portis, Janine Rosen, Hua Shu, Devin Washburn  

Spring 2021 Core interaction roadmap (PDF) ︎︎︎
Spring 2021 Core Interaction assignments (PDF) ︎︎︎
Spring 2019 studio and lab site ︎︎︎