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The American Wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

David Small of Small Design Firm approached me in 2009 asking if I could take on the design and production of signage and labels for the reopening of the American Wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Working off a visual identity established by César Sesio and Timon Botez and the digital screens and creative direction of Small Design Firm, I created dozens of different templates for labels and signage, sourced production, and designed label and signage holders to allow for easy replacement. I worked with nine individual curators. I also set up the American Wing with a system and paper blanks to print out their own labels as needed. 

Collaborators: David Small and John Rothenberg, direction; Timon Botez and César Sesio, initial branding; Michael Lapthorn, exhibition design; Carrie Barratt, Medill Higgins Harvey, Amelia Peck, Adrienne Spinozzi, Matthew Thurlow, Thayer Tolles, and Nicholas Vincent, curation and client-side collaboration.

American Wing at the Metropolitan Museum Style Guide︎︎︎

Visual Design for digital screens, ALTICALSA at the Met

The Galleries of Arab Lands, Turkey, Iran, Central Asia and later South Asia underwent a redesign in 2012. Part of the redesign included digital displays of several manuscripts (Art of the Book), textiles (Art of the Loom), and storytelling around the objects and space of the Damascus Room. Small Design Firm did the coding and interaction design, while I did the visual design of the various pages within the interactives.

Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture,
Planning, and Preservation

I designed labels, wall text, and invitiations for exhibitions of art and architecture exhibitions at the Arthur Ross Architecture Gallery, including Anthony McCall, Shadrach Woods, and Ant Farm.

Curator and collaborator: Mark Wasiuta